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Together we can help students succeed. We're asking all of our community members to acknowledge the Parent Digital Experience is in a fragmented state and needs to be improved.

Thank you to the thousands of people nationwide who have already made their commitment to help our children succeed by identifying a problem that needs to be addressed.

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We'll add you to the growing list of people standing up for our kids to help them help them succeed in school. 

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By identifying a problem, you're helping all children, be it yours, your neighbors or a family you've never met. Encourage fellow parents, friends, and colleagues to identify this problem too.

Expect More

Consolidating information and holding people accountable to improving our communication systems is important.  Also, choosing the right tools for the job matters! Shout it from the roof tops.  School Deets is working to solve this problem.

Join the Call to Action

Kids thrive when parents have easy access to information. 

It takes a village.... 

We all know the village old phrase, "It takes a village to raise a child". in 2019, it' couldn't be any more true.  We're rallying the troops in our local communities to get everyone involved in the success of youth. 

Our mission today is to dramatically improve the parent digital experience. 

Let's demand more.  Join the Call to Action! 

Join the Call to Action